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About is the market leader in the field of online application and assessment preparation. We continually renew and improve our system and testing offer, so that candidates who prepare themselves on our platform get the best of their lives. Our goal is to prepare candidates for every company, every function and every level! All questions in the practice tests are discussed in detail and you will receive tips and tricks on how to come to the right answer. The unique Personal Progress system measures your progress, giving you insight into how you perform and where your points for improvement lie. In short, is more than just a training platform; we are here to help you!
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Numerical Reasoning FREE

Assesses your understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as your ability to make logical deductions. Succeed in your numerical aptitude test. Try now!
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Assesses your ability to reason with concepts and mathematical relationships. This aptitude test requires you to find the missing number in a sequence. Try now!
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Inductive Reasoning FREE

This aptitude test measures your problem-solving ability. You have to think logically and methodically to spot the patterns in a sequence of graphics. Try now!
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This aptitude test assesses your capability to understand, analyze and interpret written information. It comes down to reading comprehension. Prepare to succeed. Try now!
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